HOW TO FIX Internet Explorer Web Client for DVR

1.     Download the Remote Viewing WebClient. by entering the DVR IP address/Webclient Or Use the Webclient zipped attachment into afolder with this guideline

2.     Extract the content of the Webclient zippedfile into the same folder

3.     Now go to C:\Program Files\InternetExplorer\PLUGINS directory.

4.     If you don’t have PLUGINS folder in theInternet Explorer folder, create one and name it “PLUGINS”

5.     Then move or copy the extracted contents fromthe Webclient zipped folder into the PLUGINS folder in C:\ProgramFiles\Internet Explorer\PLUGINS directory.

6.     If you have problems copying the file into thePLUGINS folder, you will need to set the security options to ALLOW “Users” in theoptions access to write into the folder.

7.     After successfully copying Webclient extracts,it is time to register the Webclient.ocx using the following syntax

8.     regsvr32 “c:\program files\internetexplorer\plugins\webclient.ocx”

9.     To register, open the COMMAND PROMPT, then typein the above syntax then press ENTER

10.  You will get aSUCCESSFUL confirmation prompt.

11.  Now CLOSE theinternet explorer Browser and restart it.

12. You can then enter the IP address for the DVR.And you should be able to use the IE browser to connect to your DVR.

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