LenzTech IP CCTV Systems

Lenz Technologies Limited provides an assured range of cctv systems for various customer applications.

The traditional analogue CCTV systems is either being swapped with higher resolution megapixel cameras or replaced with the now savvy camera technology - IP cameras. IP cameras gives more picture details which helps in facial recognition, field of view analytics and much more. Though the challenge in employing IP & megapixel cameras for monitoring and surveillance is the need for bigger storage (memory bank) space required, the results out way this added cost. This is particularly true when the need to use video footage in prosecution cases arise.

At LenzTech, we do not compromise on both quality of products and services over our clients' safety. We therefore recommend appropriate solutions that will not only stand the test of time, but can be rely upon to deliver at all times.

We also integrate our IP CCTV solutions with other systems like Outdoor Motion Detector Sensors and Access Control for complete perimeter & facility security.

Our services are available across Nigeria. Visit our website www.lenztechnologies.com for more detailed information.