Lenz Technologies Limited has been the regional partner for Secube Inc of South Korea, the global marketing arm of ASTEL Inc, manufacturer of top quality Digital Video Recorders (DVR) for the past 6 years and still going strong.LenzTech offer Secube - Astel Digital Video Recorders (DVR) with features that includes simultaneous live viewing / recording / playback / backup / remote network connection, multi-site remote client software and video analytics capabilities. The user-friendly control interface enables users to implement various DVR management procedures. With front panel that has USB ports which allow connection of various external devices like mouse, memory stick or external USB HDD. They also have flexible setup parameters that allows system managers to record continuously or to customize recording based on individual camera schedules, motion, and sensor input. Each camera can be set individually for resolution, compression, frame rate, and recording schedule. The easy-to-use menu tools speed the system configuration process, including the multi-site remote Server Management Software (SMS) provides for multiple system video monitoring, status, e-Mapping, configuration, and backup. The remote Live viewer software supports up to 64 cameras views from multiple DVR servers, DNS support and email notification. The DVRs are supplied with one year manufacturer's warranty. With Enhanced MPEG4 and H.264 video compression options, recording quality, storage space management and bandwidth management are delivered at very good prices.
Contact us via info@lenztecs.com for more details.