LenzTech Alarm System with Remote Alert via GSM

LenzTech offers NiceHome central unit alarm system with very sophisticated components which allows remote alert via telephone lines and GSM. The user can over the phone dials the central unit and re-program it, you can also listen to happenings in the house while controlling the devices connected to the central unit. The central unit can be connected to wired or wireless motion sensors, door and windows contacts, break glass sensors, indoor and outdoor siren/sounders, remote keypads, etc. The system comes with back-up battery for 24-7 protection. When there is an alert, the system can call you on your mobile phone or send you SMS alert. With remote control you can easily activate and deactivate the alarm system and use the Programmable buttons for each emergency call-button panic. The small size, can be worn on the key ring.

The wireless motion sensor operates in two-frequency IR motion sensor with range up to 12m and 90 degrees. The system is designed to automatically detect motion. Operating voltage of 9V-battery, has a mechanism for the self-disconnection or movement sensor. Note for the battery of a single sensor signals to the central unit or the LED indicator on the sensor itself.