The Nigerian Corporate Clients and Security Policies

Having been opportune to bid and in some cases delivered Electronic Security Solutions and Products to some of the corporate organisations over the years, we observe a common trend when one take time to study the attitude at all levels of the Nigerian corporate firms in securing their facilities and those operating in it. These common denominators include:
1. The inability of some clients to properly articulate their security needs.
2. The total dependence on one aspect of Security (Physical Security - Manning), failing to understand the need for electronic security as a compliment to Manning.
3. The refusal to engage a professional Security Consultant in the areas of interest who should appraise, review and help articulate their security needs; eventually help to put in place a Security Policy for such organisation.

These three are common steps among several others that are overlooked by organisations to have clear policies focused on Security Lives and Properties within their environment. Only a few multinationals who are positively influenced by their home office corporate policies cover most of these steps. However, there are other large corporations and organisations in Oil & Gas, Banking & Finance, Manufacturing, Insurance, Air & Sea Ports, Private Estate Administration, Haulage & Logistics, Hospitals, Hotels, Government and it's parastatals (Yes!) who are yet to put in place security policies that will articulate and drive their needs.

Seeking professional assistance in formulating the right corporate security policies and putting in place the required solutions can therefore not be overemphasised. Some of the benefits can simply be summarised as follows:
A. Getting the right security solutions installed from the beginning.
B. Simplifies your maintenance
C. Allows you to budget moderately for the solutions and drastically reduce your cost of maintenance in the long run.
D. It also position your organisation for future technology upgrade plans which allows for easy transition, lowering your cost and optimally applying the solution.
E. Most important of all, is the benefits you get in the proactive steps taken. This includes getting quality results that can be used as evidence in cases where there is need for prosecution or prevention that could have caused loss of assets (human, materials & time).

As Security Systems Installer & Integrator, we are challenged constantly in advising prospective clients on some of their electronic security needs. However, Lenz Technologies Limited continue to make it clear that the right thing to do is for a corporate organisation to work on their Security Policies.