Security screening devices are equipments used to scan persons, parcels and baggages to ensure that their are no threat items on such persons. These equipments are more visible at the airports, military facilities and top government offices & residential facilities.

The need for security screening in any facility is becoming more important as threat level has escalated. To assist in providing the right solution in Nigeria, Lenz Technologies Limited has identified ASTROPHYSICS INC. USA as an experienced product manufacturer and skilled team player in providing top quality X-ray Inspection Scanning machines for mails, parcel, baggage and cargo scanning.

Astrophysics Inc also partner with GARRETT USA in providing Walk Through & Handheld Metal Detectors which are use alongside the X-ray Inspection Systems.

Lenz Technologies Limited has been certified by Astrophysics Inc to sell and install all products range in Nigeria. Get more details of these products on our website www.lenztechnologies.com